The Great Prairie Bottle Harvest

Updated: Oct 26, 2018

Out in community with Alberta Depot and friends. Making change that counts.

October 13th was a special day for The Nest Calgary as it marked our official campaign kick off and an opportunity to reach out to community so to share our story and vision of 'every mother and child thriving in a safe and productive home.'

The decision to partner with Alberta Depot was an easy one as it provided us an excellent opportunity to illustrate how we can all make great things happen when working as a collective. 'Change that Counts' is a provincial wide campaign and initiative of Alberta Depot that invited people of all ages to contribute to local community organizations in a fun and easy manner. The message was straight forward. Save your recyclable beverage containers and have them ready for donation and pick up by local volunteers on a prescheduled date. Pretty easy for anyone to contribute to and to watch that effort - whether it raised $1.00 or $50.00 - quickly add up to something significant.

Now for those of you who have participated in any type of bottle drive before, you know that while not glamorous, they are an effective means to raise funds for your chosen cause in a relatively short period of time. As a veteran hockey mom who has also done her fair share of drives, I was not surprised in the least by having to overcome a couple of significant hurdles on the big day of our event.

Hurdle number one was snow. Big, fat, wet, snow that carried on for most of the day. Luckily, our volunteers came with a sense of spirit and humor that is common when accustomed to the crazy weather here in Calgary. I think we’ve had to deal with snow in almost every month of the year at some point and so beyond that of being a nuisance, we were well prepared for what Mother Nature threw out our way.

Hurdle number two was the fact that many local minor hockey teams were also out in full force that day and it didn’t seem to matter to the kids that we had already been out marketing our campaign days in advance. They say that all is fair in love and war and I suspect that this rolls over to community bottle drives as well. Lol!

My own hockey player is now 18 years old and while it might have been great to perhaps have his 6-foot frame out there as a territorial enforcer, who am I to suggest that my chosen cause was any more important than Novice or Bantam’s efforts to raise dollars for their teams that day? I am willing to bet that there was more than one hard-working single mom out there helping to raise dollars for her child as best she could that day because she wouldn't have the extra funds available to contribute otherwise.

While we did not raise the dollar amount that we had initially set out to, we did accomplish some significant goals and for that I couldn’t be prouder.

1. We connected with community in their homes which in the most intimate manner possible. We had opportunity to speak to our vision of ‘every mother and child thriving in a safe and productive home’ where it could be reflected on and appreciated the most.

2. We illustrated to our young mothers that each small step is its’ own victory as it leads us forward. Big things are possible when done with the support of others.

3. We partnered with and grew our community so to help drive home the fact that we all need support and acceptance, regardless of circumstance, to reach our full potential.

4. We provided opportunity to help reduce the stigma and stereotypes attached to young female led families and to remind society that it does in fact ‘take a village to raise a child’.

Our next stop is The Calgary Woman’s Show the weekend of Oct 20-21st. I hope that you can find the time to come and visit us as we would love to have you.



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"They say that it takes a village to help raise a child but no one ever tells you where it is or how to get there."

Maddie (18yrs) Calgary


Sam (22yrs) Airdrie

"I'm a single mom. I might pretend I'm strong enough to do this all on my own when really, I  just wish I had someone to tell me that I'm doing it right and things will be okay."