When Opportunity Knocks

Updated: Oct 3, 2018

Embrace it with everything you've got and don't look back for you are not going in that direction anymore.

Figuratively speaking, many doors will open and close throughout our lifetime. While it's true that we may not always have control over how some of those doors shut, staying positive and focusing on what lays ahead - as opposed to left behind - very often unveils a plethora of bigger and better doors just waiting to be discovered.

“When you walk up to opportunity's door... don't knock it. Kick that bitch in, smile and introduce yourself.” ~ The Rock

The quote above made me smile when I ran across it as it hits home. Earlier this year I was afforded opportunity to further build on a passion for helping young mothers in need and jumped on it with no hesitation whatsoever. Some out there may question my choice of word in this instance however, as this particular 'opportunity' came to me in the shape of a system reorg and the loss of a job that I loved. I won't lie ... at the time it hurt ... ALOT! ... but I have never been one to shy away from challenge and so I embraced it.

Within weeks, the I's were dotted, the T's were crossed, and in collaboration with some great people, formal application was made to incorporate as a non-profit organization with the end goal of creating a loving home and extended community for young women working hard to find their way for themselves and children.

Fast forward almost six - yes! 6!! - months awaiting government approval and here we are! Officially registered and now actively pursuing the opening of a community hub and home that will one day welcome in young families who need our support. This home (nest) represents opportunity for single mothers to grow as individuals, pursue and knock down their own 'doors', plus discover and work towards their full potential and I couldn't be more excited!

Coming along for this special ride and cheering quite loudly from the back seat are friends and family plus a very special group of young women and children that I have served in the past. These young women have giving me food for thought and inspiration to create something that serves a higher purpose than what first meets the eye. If you ever want to recognize how blessed you are in life, take a moment to reflect and appreciate what you have and who is there walking alongside you. It is humbling for sure.

While I recognize that this will not be a quick venture, the pressing need is there. Our goal is to build on and compliment the service offerings of only three other organizations within the City of Calgary whose focus is on this vulnerable population and/or breaking the cycle of abuse, neglect, isolation and/or poverty amongst single mothers (aged 16-26yrs). Between these organizations, there is capacity to house 20 women who are either pregnant or already parenting (one child) for varying lengths of time. With such limited growth opportunities available, it is surely our children and future generations that will suffer. We really need your support to address this and I hope that you see the value in investing what you can (whether it be time, funds, knowledge, etc.) into our organization and these young families.

Please stop by and visit this site often. We will provide updates on our progress as well as shared stories from young mothers and their supporters out in community. I know that we will welcome many of you into our extended family as we move along, and I can’t wait to see what happens when our collaboration and passion combine to take flight. Together, we will surely soar and illustrate that great things can happen when they are done together.



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"They say that it takes a village to help raise a child but no one ever tells you where it is or how to get there."

Maddie (18yrs) Calgary


Sam (22yrs) Airdrie

"I'm a single mom. I might pretend I'm strong enough to do this all on my own when really, I  just wish I had someone to tell me that I'm doing it right and things will be okay."